My CNC Mills

My first idea was to build a CNC mill by myself. I start the construction of a router dedicated to the fabrication of some parts of my radio controlled planes. But to construct correctly this router, a mill was necessary...

Meanwhile, I have seen an offer of rc-machine: a Sieg KX3 CNC mill without the electronic at a «good price». After a small reflexion time, I decided to buy it. My decision has been strongly motivated by this very good review.

The mill comes with OZ25 metric collets and some accessories. I bought a cooling system. It’s better to mill aluminum.

The electronic part is of the mill is mainly composed by 3 microstep drivers MSD-50-5.6 from stappenmotor. I will use the software mach3 to drive the mill. Then, the motor drivers could be directly connected to the computer through the parallel port. Indeed, these drivers contain optocouplers at the inputs. However, I plan to use the C11G card from CNC4PC because we need some additional outputs to drive the spindel. The electronic components needed to construct the card by myself will be more expensive than this ready to use card. A strong power supply is needed to give enough power to the drivers. 

I decided to inspect carefully the mechanical parts of the mill and the electrical connections. To my point of view, there were too many cable in the rear box. Then a box has been added for the connection of the motors.

All the electronics will take place under the mill. The support has been constructed with plenty of space inside. Even the computer will be included.

The first tests: