I'm interested in latheworking since a long time. The first lathe we bought with a friend was an old "Celtic 12". It was cheap but incomplete... The price to buy the missing parts was too expensive for us.

To build my RC planes, I have constructed some dedicated tools. It's a very common practice in the model builder community. The first one is a CNC hot wire. With this machine, we can cut foams to make some parts of an RC plane but also some decorative or funny gadgets. The first step is the drawing of the parts with a CAD program (Autocad). After that, a CNC file is created with a dedicated program (GMFC). Finally, a program (GMFC) control the rotation of the step motors to obtain the desired shape. 

My Shop

After the construction of the CNC hot wire, the need to cut woods with a CNC machine has been felt. Then, I started the construction of a CNC router.

A few years after this bad experience, I heard that it was possible to buy some new machines from china at a very good price. Of course, the quality is not the same that the quality of the well known european, Japanese or american labels. However, the material fit perfectly with the needs of an amateur (and also with his wallet). Then, I decided to buy a new lathe from china in a shop situated in Luxembourg. Two years after this purchase, I still very happy. 

Meanwhile, I have bought a Sieg KX3 CNC mill. More details about this mill in the CNC mill item of the left.

Since I’m interested in mechanics, I need some machines to fabricate mechanical parts. Little by little, my shop becomes more and more complete.