This glider was developed by Mitja Sersen from Slovenia. Thanks to him for the plans sharing.

The RTF is quick and easy but it's more rewarding to build the models. After visiting the blog of Mitja, I decided to build a Guppy. It's a 1.5 m wingspan glider constructed with balsa with a traditional method. Both glider or electric glider versions are available. In addition, you can choose to build a wing with a strong dihedral angle and a flat profile to get started. If you wish to perform aerobatics, the author proposes wing with a nearly symmetrical profile and ailerons. You will find plans and a great deal of information on the blog of Mitja. The glider has been built by many modeler in the world. Opinions are very positive.

2 axes version

ailerons version

Small glider: Guppy

Slope flying (Cap Blanc Nez - France)